Museum Anarchist tags


“museum anarchist” tags were begun as a way to engage a wider community in soliciting comments and ideas about the present state of museums and historic house museums.  Many people have taken this idea and tweeted pictures back to me showing their “anarchist” tags in situ ( @franklinvagnone ).   What do you find annoying about historic house museums?  What would you like to see, do, and touch?  Let me know!

9136365883_74e95e97cd_zIMG_4896 IMG_4895 IMG_4894

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5 thoughts on “Museum Anarchist tags

  1. Rooms such as this are all about attitude. The designer’s attitude is that quality goods are meant for quality people. If you believe you deserve to sleep in a room as gorgeous as all of these are ……….. then you do!! My home does not come close to being decorated with anything near the quality of goods in these room but I buy the nicest things I can afford and I deserve to use them. If they wear out in the process then so be it! Except for expressly decorative items (Faberge Eggs, etc.) things that are made to be used should be used.


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    • Hi – I make these myself. I am afraid I do not have any to send out – We just took labels and stuck them on the tags. The tags were bought at the container store. Thanks for your interest. If you have any questions just let me know. Please tweet pics back if you do actually use this idea. I would love to see it! TWITTER @franklinvagnone #museumanarchist

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