What would your historic house museum look like?


It is impossible to target just one state, one emotional moment in which we can draw a “period of interpretation”.  As my videos (below) show, I am constantly changing my living environment, changing my emotional state, adding and subtracting experiences to what defines me –




How would you tell your story?

Which era?

What would you highlight?

What would you do with the “collections”?







Pre-ordering now. Published October 2015.

One thought on “What would your historic house museum look like?

  1. MY historic house museum would be my dream home. Not because it is the home I’d wish to live in but because it’s the home I like to dream about. Life is movement and my house would not stay still. It would continue to evolve long after I’m gone. Sound would fill my house because there is very little silence in my life. Some music would be contemporary even if I were far in the past. My house would be nostalgic for the future.
    It would be a MESS but only most days. People could lie in my bed and pick up my things, but they could also bring me presents because my collections have never belonged to only me and my time. It would be TINY so you’d have to smush in but it’s where the best parties are.


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