Bryn Athyn Cathedral Historic Complex (1998-2006)


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Oversaw the design and implementation of an award winning 13 acre landscape masterplan that encompassed main Cathedral complex, artisians’ workshop educational facility, and an historic, naturalized cemetery (D. Odhner – Head Gardner). Initiated a 25 year maintenance plan (continuous re-pointing program), and a Sanctuary and Choir Hall re-lighting project.  photo: Duncan Pearson.

Organized the initial facilities restoration, up-fit and educational programing which has grown into the Workshops at Bryn Athyn.



Facilitated a complex-wide stained glass window assessment project which provided the guidance for a long-term window maintenance program. J. Kline – Stained Glass Curator.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral at Night

Coordinated and implemented an annual, community-based, evening festival that attracted over 10,000 visitors in five days. The festival included illumination of both the interior and exterior of the complex, a visitor welcome center, a community services fair, and an extensive volunteer docent interpretive program.


Care and maintenance for an historic, naturalized cemetery. Completed a comprehensive ground penetrating radar and digitalization of the grounds successfully locating lost historic elements.