Ashes in Alabama and the power of flaws 3.8.14

Latimer blog 1

I traveled down to Montgomery, AL to visit the Dexter Ave. Parsonage. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his family resided in this home during a 1956 bombing attack.   It is now an historic house museum. (Image: Franklin D. Vagnone)

martin-luther-king-jr-parsonage-house14The damaged porch of MLK’s Montgomery home. (Image:


IMG_6605One of the most amazing things presented was the that MLK was a “closet” chain smoker – they had ashtrays throughout the entire house.  This was done to make sure that you left that house museum knowing that MLK was flawed – not  perfect.  They told the story of his human side – such a rare message for a house museum.   (Image: John F. Yeagley)
IMG_6614On MLK’s desk sat a photo of his wife, a Bible, a book by Gandhi, and one of his many, many ashtrays. (Image: John F. Yeagley)

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