Why do I need to “fix” things? Save me from myself.


Here I am with Grace Szuwala, the owner of TIME PIECES.  She understands my nutty behavior and is is going to help me by “fixing” my clock.

My clock doesn’t work on its own.  I think there is hope – just listen!
clock 1


The tiny store is layered in stories (and clocks)

IMG_8615Grace welcoming me back to her work-station.

The jewel-box of a store.  The kind of store you walk right past and wonder how they stay in business.


Just to prove to you that I have always been like this – I still have the very first antique objects I bought.  When everyone else was saving up money to buy the new NIKE tennis shoes, I was making payments on these Chinese Lions.

One thought on “Why do I need to “fix” things? Save me from myself.

  1. Franklin, we have a gorgeous wall clock that I bought at an estate sales for a steal: $150. I like you wanted it to work so took it to be fixed. Now, it worked, but would consistently get slower and slower. Got it “fixed” and after a year it started doing it again. Turns out these things need regular maintenance, not to mention the winding. Now it just sits on the wall and looks pretty. Hope your clock fixing had a better outcome.


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