Strategic Planning, Think-tanks & Workshops

Twisted Preservation and its top-notch team consider special, boutique projects that can become experimental exercises in new innovative methods of stewardship for cultural and heritage sites. Primary in our involvement in projects is the degree to which a result can benefit, not only the particular site but how those efforts can be used by the cultural sector at-large as replicable ideas.
Full list of presentations and consulting relationships HERE

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+ “Gay in the Gilded Age”, Staatsburgh State Historic Site for New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation.  This ground-breaking project will be the first official interpretation of the LGBTQ narrative in a New York State historic site.  The project involves extensive primary research in the Gilded Age and particular narratives that involve the heritage site as well issues pertaining to the subject matter within the overall era. Production of a public tour. (2016-2018)

lemonhill  buttons  screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-9-47-22-am +Lemon Hill Historic House Site & Fairmont Park  (Philadelphia, PA):  Organization & facilitation of a one-day discussion considering future uses of the important “Lemon Hill House”.  The project involves Phase I. contacting of an extensive list of stakeholders, Phase II. facilitation of a the think-tank, and Phase III. the production of the Executive Summary that will outline the results of the process.  (2016-2017).

wharton-esherick-philadelphia-600-587x0 img_9952 screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-9-26-19-am +Wharton Esherick Studio  (Malvern, PA):  Facilitation of a Board of Directors & Staff retreat and innovation think-tank concentrating on innovative visitor experiences.  The gathering involved hands-on activities engaging the participants at an intimate level to better consider new ideas of tactile engagement. (2016-2017).

+Thomas Cole Historic Site  (Hudson Valley, New York):  Selected to become part of a team creating a new visitor experience, 2016-2017.  Twisted Preservation will assess and make recommendations relative to experimental, innovative ideas targeted at increasing the immersive and tactile enjoyment of this important historic site. (2016-2017).

img_2395 img_2469 img_2432-1 screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-8-39-47-am + J. Brown Heritage Foundation  (Saint Catharines, Ontario):  Engaged in long-term strategic planning process, 2016-2017.  This,  not opened to the public historic site, is looking for Twisted Preservation to guide their Phase 1 decision-making in manifesting a truly regional-specific unique idea of a historic house site. The engagement involves intensive community engagement, Community leader interviews, expansive stakeholder discussions (Farmers, Area Merchants, University Leaders, Arts & Culture, and Public Historians) and ultimately a solid plan for Phase 2. (2016-2017).

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+ Fairmount Park Conservancy  (Philadelphia, PA):  Facilitation of a two-day innovation think-tank and a public presentation on historic site innovation, 2016.  As a public/private organization, Fairmount Park Conservancy oversees 25 historic house museums spread throughout the large expanse of parkland.  Day one consists of a private, in-house retreat to discuss issues of stewardship, presentation, and interpretation – while day two is an on-site historic house museum immersive workshop. (2016).
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 + James Madison’s Montpelier  (Virgina):  Organization and facilitation of a two-day think-tank, 2016. Montpelier has been a leader in integrating the narrative of enslaved peoples into the interpretation of the site.  Most recently they have been reconstructing a series of slave quarters on their original sites.  This think-tank was tasked with how the multiple narratives (slavery, political, social,and  domestic) can be dovetailed to produce a strong unified visitor experience. (DATA DOCUMENT LINK above) (2016)
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 + Willowbank Center Preservation School  (Ontario, Canada): Invited Keynote and panel think-tank on restoration possibilities for the Willowbank Estate, 2016. As Willowbank begins to plan for the estate’s rehabilitation, three panels of heritage industry leaders gathered to discuss what conservation means in the 21st century, with Willowbank’s Bright Parlor as inspiration and backdrop. Panelists spoke about conservation philosophy, interpretive approaches, and materials and systems considerations. (2016).
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+ The City of Alexandria, Art Commission (Maryland): Invited presentation and panel think-tank on contemporary art happenings in historic sites, 2016. This one-day event consisted of an afternoon presentation of the city-owned historic sites followed by a discussion with stakeholders regarding the logistics and implementation of contemporary art happenings situated in historic sites.  The day culminated in a public presentation at the African-American Museum of Alexandria, VA.  SEE ALSO: One Night Stand at Gadsby’s Tavern – Leaving Crumbs Behind (2016).
IMG_7191   10352599_10154060787969505_6049884183344169400_n   Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.14.30 AM  + Chipstone Foundation & Bard Graduate Center for Material Culture (Wisconsin & New York City) : Cultural Change Affecting Curatorial Practice, February 2016.  This three-day gathering included as part of an “Object Lab”,  took place at the Chipstone Foundation Estate, Pabst Mansion, and the Milwaukee Museum of Art.  The schedule included a presentation, execution of  the “distinct activities survey” project with discussion , and an interactive discussion in the Chipstone Galleries at Milwaukee Museum of Art. (2016).
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+ Rock County Historical Society & Lincoln-Tallman House (Wisconsin) : Historic Site think-tank, February 2016.  The concentration of this gathering is to consider the present presentation of the historic house, the needs of the community surrounding the site and new methodologies that can better tie them together. Both a study in visitor experience as well as community engagement, this discussion culminates in a series of potential ways that the historic site could expand its public presence. SEE ALSO: One Night Stand: Making Friends With The Shutters. (2016).
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+ Minnetrista & Oakhurst House (Indiana): IMLS grant-related historic site think-tank, February 2016 with Deborah Ryan.  This is the House that “canning” fruits and veggies built!  This two-day series consisted of presentations, Archive review, town hall discussions and a half-day house museum workshop.  This think-tank included attendees of Minnetrista staff, Board members, and community group leaders. The workshop resulted in a list of potential ways that the historic structure could be used to increase public engagement while manifesting the legacy of the Ball Family. (2016).
IMG_20160211_094144_546 (1)   bodie-state-historic   Hearst_Castle_Casa_Grande_September_2012_panorama_2    + California State Park System (40 Historic State Parks): Interpretation & Education  Webinar Training, February 2016 with Deborah Ryan.  This webinar presentation outlined innovative concepts regarding community engagement, visitor experience, and historic site re-evaluation.  The presentation was followed by a discussion of tactical actions that could be enacted. Shown is the webinar presentation, the Bodie Gold Mine State Historic Park, and San Simeon.(2016).
 IMG_0670   IMG_6261   IMG_6250   IMG_0638   + Delaware Historical Society (Read House & Gardens) and University of Delaware (New Castle, Delaware): Interpretive Think Tank & historic site workshop, February 12th-13th, 2016 with Deborah Ryan.  Integrated as a component to a U. of D Museum Studies Course, this two-day workshop focused on the Read House & Gardens’ existing interpretation and visitor experience.  This gathering included extensive presentations, discussions and a half-day, hands-on historic site experience.  Results of this project will consider new innovative methodologies of community engagement, programming, and visitor experiences.(2016).
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.54.21 AM  Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.24.24 AM  Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 6.44.26 PM  + Buffalo History Museum (New York): Innovation Think Tank, January 28th-30th, 2016. This engagement consisted of pre & post event meetings, A two-day think tank facilitation, A reminiscence project, A presentation of current social trends affecting museums, and extensive dialogue about “transformation”. Deliverables included a series of concise bullet-point areas of needed attention and a list of actionable items to address in smaller committees. The weekend concluded with an invitation-only presentation to stakeholders, contributors, non-profit partners, and Foundations. (2016).
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+ Peabody-Essex Museum (Massachusetts): Staff In-house Retreat & Two-day Docent Training, December 8th-12th, 2015, with Deborah Ryan.  This invited series of discussions involved the PEM Educational & Interpretive staff, as well as the volunteer docents dedicated to the various historic house museums.  The engagement consisted of two presentations of the “Anarchist’s Guide to Historic House Museums” concepts followed by question and answer gatherings, as well as an in-depth review of the Ropes Mansion followed by a staff discussion on visitor experience innovation. (2015).
wilton-house-after  IMG_8332  Wilton_Now-Then_201412_0003
+ Chipstone Foundation & The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in Virginia (Virginia): Innovation Think-Tank, 2015. This invited one-day gathering included the Board and staff, national experts in historic site interpretation, management, innovative stewardship and programming.  The goal of the planning session was to help outline a new direction for the long-established headquarters site and the house of the Virginia NSCDofA.  Deliverables included actionable items directly tied to improving the visitor experience, expanding community engagement, and infusing contemporary art happenings into the regular activities.
12011345_902680979816895_8351938110087147580_n    Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.41.14 AM   B_vtakZWIAAFZie
+ Knox Heritage & The East Tennessee Preservation Alliance (Tennessee): Keynote and one day on-site interpretive & visitor experience workshop, 2014. 
DSC_0420  1277230_10202110807599749_1444722957_o  1267048_10202089132657889_1548751170_o
+ Historic Macon Foundation (Georgia):  On-site planning workshop, 2014. 
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+ Rensselaer County Historical Society (New York): Keynote and one-day on-site strategic planning workshop, 2013. 
coltrane_2005 coltrane5 Coltrane_PHMC-marker
+ Philadelphia Preservation Alliance, National Trust for Historic Preservation and the John Coltrane House (Philadelphia): Panel participant, One-day strategic planning workshop, 2013. 

+ New York State Historic Preservation Regional Office & Philipse Manor (New York): Innovative programming at historic sites, one-day on-site innovation workshop, 2013.