Crafting Stories

Many times, the only things holding back an organization are the narratives they choose to interpret and the methodology of communication.  Our contemporary world is data & information-driven, highly reactive and demands a participatory role in any cultural enterprise.  Therefore, the way in which we craft our stories becomes the key to who, when and why our visitors become engaged.  Now, more than ever, good stewardship demands a thoughtful, nuanced, and flexible communication strategy with the “outside world”.

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+ “Queer in the Gilded Age”,  for New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation.  This ground-breaking project will be the first official interpretation of the LGBTQ narrative in a New York State historic site.  The project involves extensive primary research in the Gilded Age and particular narratives that involve the heritage site as well issues pertaining to the subject matter within the overall era.  (2016-2017)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.06.17 AM   sh panel 3


qdjusticeflyer  11282299_460147857499734_1078850627_n RESPECT FOR ALL 2012-SPANISH

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